Central Coast Retreat
15-18 Nov, 2013

We had a full house at this Raw Aussie Athlete hosted Lifestyle Celebration!

Location: Myuna Bay, Central Coast, NSW, Australia
Start: 4pm Fri 15th Nov, 2013
End: 9am Mon 18th Nov, 2013

For numerous reasons, many people think that staying healthy is too hard, but it really is the easiest way to live and allows great joy into your life!
Being sick and tired is a burden! At this retreat people experienced how simple and rewarding healthy lifestyle choices can be!

Click here to watch a video from the retreat created by Leah, one of the attendees.

The retreat included:
  • Accommodation
  • All meals (100% raw vegan)
  • Raw kitchen tools provided for food preparation:
    • blenders (Vitamix and commercial Immersion blender)
    • food processor
    • spiraliser
    • mandoline
    • v-slicer
    • dehydrators
    • citrus press
    • juicer
    • salad spinners
    • julienne peeler
    • and more!
  • Organised fitness activities. Walking/running trail, large swimming pool, lake, playing field, volleyball, mini-golf and tennis courts available.
  • Daily education sessions related to health, nutrition and anatomy/physiology.
  • Group discussions on lifestyle experiences.
  • Popular health and nutrition DVDs played each evening.
  • Health/Diet/Lifestyle books available for reading.
  • Rostered food preparation.
  • Expert guidance and hands on experience preparing meals.
  • Personal time scheduled.
  • Health/Diet/Lifestyle books and educational DVDs/CDs available for purchase.
yogawithgyan Alison loading the greens into the refrigerator

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