Accepted for C2K…To be my longest run ever!!!

I was recently accepted as one of the lucky 50 to compete in the Coast to Kosciuszko (C2K) race, 2 weeks from now.
The race starting at 5:30am Fri 5th Dec, 2013, just 3.5 weeks after I completed the 108.9 mile mountain run (GNW100s) where I came 22nd out of 108 starters.
It starts at the ocean (i.e. sea level) and over 240km (149 miles) summits Mt Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in Australia, at 2228m (7310 feet) altitude.
The race has a 46 hour cutoff.
Its a very competitive race to get into with a really tough qualifying standard and attracting international competitors.
This is the first year I've been qualified to enter.
Way more than 50 qualified runners apply and the race organizers do their best to hand pick those they deem most worthy of the challenge.
This race will be the furthest I've run by 65km (40 miles).
I'm honored to have been accepted!
I'm so excited!

C2K Ultramarathon

Coast To Kosci Ultramarathon


Accepted for C2K…To be my longest run ever!!! — 2 Comments

  1. I am experimenting with giving up water and all other fluids. It gives huge stamina improvements without any practice at all. if you want to know more let us get in touch.

    I feel we should share things and learn from each other.

    • I’ve run races when low on water and it kills my performance.
      You only need to look at our physiology to realize water is imperative. Our electrolytes can’t work without water.
      I get most of my water from raw fruits and vegetables but when its hot and when I race, I drink what I need in order to stay hydrated so I can perform well.
      I’m about to run 240km with a hydrated body. I can’t imagine how you think my stamina would improve by giving up water and all fluids. I’ve been dehydrated many times. It doesn’t improve anything in my experience.