Mental Training for C2K race!

Today's mental training was gardening! Weeding to be more specific. Everyone's favourite pastime!
I did a 2hr+ weeding session in my front yard yesterday the cool breeze and some rain. It turned out to be mental training for my C2K race (240km/149 miles) next weekend ( which goes from the ocean town of Eden (sea level) to the highest summit in Australia (Mt Kosciuszko at 2228 metres altitude)!
At this stages my fears seem to have all become excitement...A LOT of excitement!
As there are now ZERO weeds in my front yard, I know I'm mentally prepared.
I know I can keep moving when the going gets tough.
I know I can give what it takes. I find the mind benefits from regular strengthening through providing it with the opportunity to rise to new challenges...otherwise the mind gets lazy, you lose resolve and life loses meaning and purpose...and nobody wants that!
So I'm doing ultra gardening followed by C2K!
I'm looking forward to a summit and finish in C2K. No excuses! (Of course valid reasons will be given due consideration...LOL!)

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