The Freedom of Minimalist Running

Minimalist Running

Minimalist Running, Maximal Fitness Near the summit of the highest mountain in Costa Rica towering over Central America at 3820m (12530 feet) altitude I find myself free as a bird with barely any clothing and a small pack on my … Continue reading

Something Fishy is Going On Here!

Something Fishy

Something Fishy is Exactly What is Happening! Swimming amongst hundreds of large carp fish is quite a unique experience. It is the kind that makes many squeal and is always sure to put a smile on people’s faces…especially those watching! … Continue reading

Health Freedom through Communication

Freedom through Communication

My Sister Is Cool I love my sister. She’s the kind of person to give me a surprise visit while I’m overseas. She makes things happen. We share health and well-being as a common interest. Apart from my son, I’d … Continue reading

Greatest Fears

Greatest Fears

Accepting Your Greatest Fears I love rock climbing. Indoor climbing is great for training but there is no comparison to climbing outdoors with the fresh air and sunshine, the need for heightened awareness, little room for error, and the triumphs … Continue reading

The Teacher Within …

Teacher Within

Setting the Stage to Unleash the Teacher Within I was always a shy child, terrified of giving speeches to my classroom. I would build it up so much, and become so stressed and tense that I couldn’t think clearly. My … Continue reading

50 Inspiring Quotes for Runners

On Running and Human Excellence … “Without patience, you will never conquer endurance.” – Yiannis Kouros (born 1956), Ultra Marathon legend and 24 hr record holder since 1997 at 303.506 km (188.590 miles)! … Continue reading